Taught by Kelsang Chokyi, Buddhist nun and Resident Teacher at AKBC, the Wednesday night meditation class gives us an opportunity to go deeper into Buddhist philosophy and meditation experience. Each class includes a short discussion and two guided meditations. Everyone is welcome.

$10 • $5/seniors & students/free to members | $35 unlimited membership

339 Ives Street at Waterman Street | Providence • 02906 | 401.400.1657

Within Buddha’s teaching​s​ we find powerful and ​clear guidelines ​for​ how to ​lead a healthy and meaningful life filled with joy and true happiness. ​In this course we will explore​ teachings and meditations ​that provide practical ​tools​ ​for creating ​constructive, life-changing habits in the new year. ​
Jan ​3​ – ​ Living Meditation:​ Happiness from a Different Source​​​​
Jan 10 — Harnessing the Power of Imagination
Jan 1​7​ – The Yoga of Eating​​
Jan 24​ –​ Moving Meditation for Mind & Body
​Jan 31 ​– ​Transforming Sleep Into Spiritual Practice​


Living in the Moment: Mindfulness of Impermanence

Do you like the idea of living in the moment? How can we actually live in the moment, in the present, in the here and the now? And do we really want to? Or do we try to distract ourselves from this moment because it is not very comfortable? In this age of distraction, depression, and worry there seems to be both great interest in and need for Buddha’s advice on how to actually be present and in the moment in a truly satisfying and meaningful way. In this four-week course we will explore teachings and meditations on patient acceptance, mindfulness and impermanence, gaining experience of spiritual insights that give rise to peace, happiness, and fulfillment for both ourselves and others.
February 7 —  Mindfulness: Being in the Moment with Wisdom
February 14 —  Patience: If the Mind Accepts, There is No Problem
February 21 — Impermanence: Letting Go of Guilt & Resentment
February 28 —  Subtle Impermanence: Blink and it’s a Whole New World

What to Expect at a Class

Our Wednesday evening introductory meditation class begins with a guided meditation, followed by a talk on a certain topic, and ends with another guided meditation. Class is followed by refreshments and time to chat with the teacher and other students. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience is necessary.