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Tuesdays 11am - 12:30pm - By donation
Sundays 10:30am - 12pm -$12
Life Without Anger is Good
In situations of conflict, we tend to become angry easily. We even think anger will help us "win our battles," and we rely on it as if it were our trusted friend. The mind of anger, however, leaves a trail of broken relationships, lost opportunities, and painful feelings in its wake.
In this series, Gen Lhadron will explain Buddha’s illuminating and practical teachings on how to let go of anger. Putting these explanations into practice will enable us to transform the energy of anger into a creative response that opens us up to resolutions and new possibilities.
Although it is beneficial to attend the entire series, you may drop in at any time
“We could change our home or partner countless times, but until we change our restless, discontented mind we will never find real happiness.” —Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

What to Expect at a Session

You do not need to be Buddhist to attend. Everyone welcome! No previous experience is necessary.
We provide both cushions and chairs to sit on. No special clothing required. Class consists of guided meditations, a teaching and a beautiful Buddhist prayer. After class, stay to chat with the teacher and other students.


Gen Lhadron is an American Buddhist nun who has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for 18 years and is a student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Gen Lhadron's sincere teachings are presented with humor and practical examples that make them accessible to everyone. Through her kindness and enthusiasm for meditation practice, she provides an inspiring example of a modern Buddhist practitioner for our society.

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