Gen Kelsang Lhadron, Resident Teacher

Gen Lhadron is an American Buddhist nun who has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for 15 years and is a student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Gen Lhadron’s sincere teachings are presented with humor and practical examples that make them accessible to everyone. Through her kindness and enthusiasm for meditation practice, she provides an inspiring example of a modern Buddhist practitioner for our society. Gen Lhadron was the Resident Teacher at KMC New Mexico for 5 years.

Gregg Lane

Gregg has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for 25 years. He shows an inspiring example of a modern Buddhist practitioner, applying meditative insights in his professional and family life. His heartfelt and practical teachings are presented with warmth and humor, making them accessible to everyone.


Lauri Stock

Lauri teaches from her experience of putting Dharma into her daily life. Her wish to share Buddha’s compassion and wisdom touches the hearts of everyone. She teaches Friday Lunchtime Meditation classes.


Kathy Dolan

Kathy began her Buddhist studies in Chicago in 2002 and is currently enrolled in the Foundation Program at KMC San Diego. She is known for her sincerity, warmth and practical knowledge of Buddhist teachings. Kathy teaches when needed, which can be on Wednesday evenings or Sunday Prayers for World Peace, and Saturday morning workshops.

Elise Curry

Elise has been studying and teaching Buddhism in KMC San Diego since 1999. She is appreciated for her kind heart and good example, putting Buddha’s teachings into practice. Elise teaches Saturday Morning workshops.

Bill Kellaway

Bill has been teaching Kadampa Buddhism for several years. His teachings emphasize integrating Buddhist wisdom into daily life. He teaches meditation class weekly at our Camp Pendleton branch.