Class is on summer break and will resume Aug 18.

Sundays | 1-4pm

Teacher Training Program is an in depth study program designed by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. It is a holistic program that consists of personal study, listening to teachings, discussion, memorization, chanted prayers and meditation, and volunteer work. By keeping the commitments of this program, students will increase their understanding and experience of Buddha's teachings and be able to teach Kadampa Buddhism both formally and informally. The current book being studied on TTP is Meaningful to Behold.

Meaningful to Behold is commentary to the great Indian Buddhist Master Shantideva’s famous spiritual poem Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, one of the best loved and most important Mahayana Buddhist texts. It reveals with poetic beauty and deep spiritual insight how to enter, make progress on, and complete the Buddhist path to enlightenment.

Student Enrollment

TTP enrollment is available to members. It is a $75/month commitment that includes TTP, General Program classes, half-day retreats/day courses, and Preliminary retreats. Students that are unable to travel to our location due to personal disability or distance can enroll in our home correspondence program. Home correspondence students can attend TTP class on Zoom or listen to the audio recording.

Everyone is welcome and no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. If you wish to join TTP or would like to learn more, please contact us at (619) 230-5852 or [email protected].

About the Teacher

Led by Gen Lhadron, an American Buddhist nun and resident teacher at KMC San Diego. Gen Lhadron’s sincere teachings are presented with humor and practical examples that make them accessible to everyone. Through her kindness and enthusiasm for meditation practice, she provides an inspiring example of a modern Buddhist practitioner for our society. Gen Lhadron has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism since 2001.

There are three reasons why we need to study and practice the teachings of Buddha - to develop our wisdom, to cultivate a good heart and to maintain a peaceful state of mind:

Develop wisdom

If we do not strive to develop our wisdom we will always remain ignorant of ultimate truth – the true nature of reality. Although we wish for happiness, our ignorance leads us to engage in non-virtuous actions, which are the main cause of all our suffering.

Cultivate a good heart

If we do not cultivate a good heart, our selfish motivation destroys harmony and good relationships with others. We have no peace, and no chance to gain pure happiness. Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible.

Maintain a peaceful state of mind

If we do not maintain a peaceful state of mind we are not happy even if we have ideal conditions. On the other hand, when our mind is peaceful we are happy even if our external conditions are unpleasant.