Modern Buddhism: Part 2 Tantra

A weekly Tantric class with Gen Lhadron

Thursdays 6:30PM-8:30PM -$12
Free for FP & Supporting members (registration not required)

Through studying Buddha's Tantric teachings we can understand how Enlightenment is actually possible. Through practicing this inner spiritual technology we will actually transform our self from an ordinary person into an enlightened person with great capacity to benefit others.

Modern Buddhism Volume 2 Tantra explains how to practice Buddha’s profound Tantric teachings – the quick path to enlightenment. Covering topics such as The Preciousness of Tantra, The Tantra of Generation Stage and Completion Stage, and How to Meditate on the Central Channel, Indestructible Drop and Indestructible Wind and Mind, this volume shows how, through sincere practice, we can fulfill our compassionate wish and attain full enlightenment in this life. Modern Buddhism is available as a free ebook. Visit Tharpa Publications to download.

About the Teacher

Led by Gen Lhadron, an American Buddhist nun and resident teacher at KMC San Diego. Gen Lhadron’s sincere teachings are presented with humor and practical examples that make them accessible to everyone. Through her kindness and enthusiasm for meditation practice, she provides an inspiring example of a modern Buddhist practitioner for our society. Gen Lhadron has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism since 2001.