No experience necessary. Everyone welcome!

Mondays 6:30 – 7:45pm – $10

Living the Dream
Finding Reliefe in the Ultimate Nature of Things
Led by Gen Lhadron and Kathy Dolan

Buddha taught that everything depends upon our mind – ourselves, other people, our experiences and reality itself. For example, we all know how relative time can be. It can drag on or fly by! Our own dreams show how creative our mind is, and how if we decide to transform our mind, our world will be transformed. How much more fun would life be if we didn’t grasp at everything so tightly, but instead lived within the liberating understanding of the power of our thoughts?

In this series we will explore teachings that show logically and practically how things do not exist from their own side but are dream-like projections of the mind. Buddha’s wisdom teachings help us feel light-hearted even in the midst of challenging times. Any experience of this wisdom brings us deeper freedom and peace, and allows us to master our minds. This in turn leads to a happy, good life and the ability to help others well.

Everyone is welcome. You do not need to be Buddhist to take part! 

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