Sun, Jan 7 | 1-4PM

Free. Donations are accepted for any supplies used.

A torma is a special offering of food made in order to gain spiritual attainments. Tor means everything and ma means for the sake of all living beings. These traditional offerings are usually made of marzipan and are offered to the Buddhas in various ritual practices and prayers such as empowerments, retreats and chanted prayers.

This hands-on workshop will be informal, practical and a lot of fun. It is suitable for everyone, whether you are an experienced practitioner or a complete beginner. So come join us as we learn about the various types of tormas and how to make them in a qualified manner according to the New Kadampa lineage.

Workshop led by Kadampa practitioner Eliza Contin. Eliza is known for her beautifully created qualified tormas according to the Kadampa lineage and is happy to share her many years of experience making tormas with everyone interested.