Heal the Mind
Heal the Body

The Blessing Empowerment of Medicine Buddha

Over this special weekend led by Gen Lhadron, we can make a heart connection with Medicine Buddha, the embodiment of the healing energy of all enlightened beings. By receiving this special power into our body and mind, we can heal our own outer and inner sickness and also help others through mental healing actions.

An empowerment is an ancient blissful guided meditation ceremony through which we receive the blessings of Medicine Buddha, whose function is to release us from physical and mental disease. We will also be introduced to a healing practice that we can use any time for ourself and our loved ones.

10am–12pm Empowerment
2:00–3:30pm Commentary
4–5pm Medicine Buddha Guided Practice

9-10am Medicine Buddha Guided Practice
10:30am–12pm Commentary and Guided Meditation

Cost: $65 (Sat & Sun) | $50 for members