Fri, Jan 13 - Mon, Jan 16

Advanced Mantra Retreat with Sarah Hawley
$50 non-members / $5 session / free for all members

Join us for this special retreat where you will be able to deepen your faith and reliance upon Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka following the oral instructions that Gen-la Dekyong received directly from Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, then passed on to us during the recent Spring Festival Celebration. This is a special opportunity to deepen your experience of this extraordinary practice, meditate on Gen-la Dekyong’s commentaries from the festival in Malaga, and learn how to engage in a Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka Counting Retreat.

This 4 day retreat will be led by Kadampa practitioner Sarah Hawley.




About the Teacher

Sarah has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism since  2015.  Her gentle approach and guidance provides us with great tools for handling current  day to day challenging situations. Her teachings are skilfully woven with humor and  underline current conditions.