Creating a Safe Refuge for You

KMC  San Diego cares about your safety and the safety of the community. These are the safe practices we are putting in place so that we can open our spiritual home and invite the loving presence of our sangha community. We also understand that many people will feel the need to stay at home so we will continue to offer our classes and prayer ceremonies livestream via zoom.


* Please pre-register to prevent unnecessary contact.

* you will be given a squirt of hand sanitizer as you enter.

* we have an accessible hand wash sink you can use at any time.

 * Any prayers should be mentally sung, silently.

* When sneezing / coughing, please use tissues or use your elbow, wash hands and or discard tissues immediately afterwards.

* If feeling Ill please stay home  / Please notify us immediately if you get ill at anytime after you visit our center

* Everyone is required to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands with soap up on entering the center

* Masks are required for everyone in attendance, Teacher will wear a mask before and after the teachings and for pujas

* Social distancing is required.

* Chairs will be set up with proper spacing.

* Chairs are not to be moved.

* Cafe tables and chairs will be provided outside for safe socializing.



Gen Lhadron will get Tsog for pujas ahead of time no additional purchases needed

*The following are No longer to be shared: food (tsog),  tea, sadhanas, substances

* We encourage you to bring your own Sadhana or buy one at our gift shop.

*Only gurú plate will be offered, no teacher plate and no substances.

*One or two people max to assist for Pujas to maintain distance guidelines

* Prayers should be mentally sung, silently.

*Temperature checks will be needed for anyone assisting as requested by state guidelines ( A touchless thermometer will be available)

*Participants can bring their own wrapped  offering (non perishable food) that will be placed on a table and put away for a few days after puja.

*After pujas participants can help wipe disinfect handles upon exiting the building. Examples: Faucets, handles, doorknobs, computers, etc