Stages of the Path Retreat
Meditations to Develop a Peaceful Mind

Fri, Aug 30 – Mon, Sept 2
Everyone is welcome! No experience is necessary.

Learn step-by-step practical methods that lead to lasting happiness

We all have the potential for self-transformation, a limitless capacity for the growth of good qualities, but to fulfill this potential we need to know what to do at every stage of our spiritual journey. This meditation retreat offers step-by-step guidance on the meditation practices which will lead us to lasting inner peace and happiness.

The practical meditations presented in this guided retreat are called Kadam Lamrim, which is the condensation of all of Buddha’s teachings.This retreat is led by KMC SD Resident Teacher and Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Lhadron. Suitable for all levels of experience. There will be 4 sessions with breaks each day Fri, Sat and Mon, and 2 sessions on Sunday. Cost is $5/session or $50 for all 14 sessions. Session times coming soon!